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First Ukrainians to be transferred from Estonia have arrived in Finland

Publication date 15.2.2023 8.57

Estonia has received a considerable number of Ukrainians considering the size of the country, and the local reception system is strained. To ease the situation, Finland and Estonia are offering the opportunity for interested Ukrainians to move to Finland. First of those who were interested arrived in Finland yesterday, on 14 February 2023.

The first group of arrivals consisted of less than five people. In order to respect their privacy, the Finnish Immigration Service will not give out any further information about them. The Finnish Immigration Service met the Ukrainians in the harbour and arranged for them to be transported to a reception centre where they will be staying.

“We have considerable previous experience of receiving relocated asylum seekers from other EU countries, and that has helped us prepare for receiving Ukrainians from Estonia as well. Any special needs of Ukrainians arriving from Estonia and any pets they might have with them will be taken into account when providing accommodation for them,” says Planning Officer Camilla Rautala, who is responsible for the transfer arrangements.

Transferring to Finland is voluntary

The Estonian immigration authorities and the Finnish Immigration Service are offering Ukrainians information about the Finnish reception system and about the possibility to move from Estonia to Finland. Each individual will decide independently whether they wish to stay in Estonia or move to Finland.

“Estonian authorities have started informing of this opportunity on a trial basis. It is still too early to say how many Ukrainians will be interested of transferring to Finland,” says Rautala.

Finland is prepared to receive a maximum of 100 Ukrainians per week from Estonia. The arrangement is valid until further notice.

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