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The Helsinki service point in Malmi will be open on four Saturdays in April and May

Publication date 20.4.2021 13.56
Press release

The Malmi service point in Helsinki will be open from 9.00 to 15.00 on the following Saturdays: 24 April, 8 May, 22 May and 29 May.

Saturday appointments can be booked in our appointment system usually every Tuesday of the same week. It is not possible to visit the service point with a waiting number on Saturdays. Instead, you must book an appointment to visit the service point on a Saturday.

More appointments available for booking also on weekdays

Appointments for April–May will be available every week in our appointment system. Approximately 50 appointments will be added per day. You can follow the situation in our appointment system. Please book only one appointment for yourself, so that as many customers as possible can book their own appointment. If your family members need to renew their permits, book a family appointment. See the instructions on booking an appointment on the page

Please note the coronavirus restrictions

Please keep a distance of more than two meters to other persons. Wear a face mask. Follow the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in order to prevent coronavirus infection. Follow the instructions also when waiting for your turn outside the service point.

Many reasons to submit your application in Enter Finland: 

  • Your stay in the country is legal when you apply for a residence permit.
    • If you are in Finland and submit an application for your first residence permit on Enter Finland, your stay in Finland is legal even if you are unable to get an appointment at a service point and prove your identity within three months of lodging the application.
  • The processing time for your application will not usually be longer even if you cannot prove your identity immediately.
    • Once you have proven your identity, your application will be processed on the basis of the date on which you submitted the application on Enter Finland. Applications are taken up for processing on the basis of the date when the application was submitted. 
    • For example, if you prove your identity at a service point on 1 May 2021 and you have sent your application in Enter Finland on 1 November 2020, your application will be taken up for processing on the basis of the date 1 November 2020. 
    • Your application will not expire and you will not lose your money even if you cannot prove your identity within 3 months of submitting your application. The time limit for proving your identity has been extended until 31 August 2021. 
  • If you are applying for an extended permit, you may not have to visit a service point to prove your identity.
    • When you start using strong electronic identification in the online service Enter Finland and submit an application for an extended permit, the service will tell you whether you need to visit a service point to prove your identity or not. Read more about strong electronic identification on the page
  • If you send an application to renew your residence permit card in Enter Finland, send your application before your card expires. In this case, you can visit a service point later to prove your identity instead of visiting a service point before your current card expires.

More information

Instructions for customers: Visiting the Malmi service point