Asylum seeker: We will contact you if the decision of the European Court of Human Rights affects your asylum decision

23.12.2019 9.17
Press release

Due to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) issued on 14 November 2019, the Finnish Immigration Service will review around 500 of its asylum decisions.

The group of applicants whose decisions are reviewed consists of multiple nationalities. We published a press release about this on 22 November.

We will review your negative asylum decision, if the decision was enforceable and final before the ECHR issued its decision. That is the case if you are currently waiting to be removed from the country and do not have a pending appeal or matter regarding international protection. If we notice that your decision was not processed in accordance with the ECHR decision, we will ask you to submit a new asylum application. In that case, we will contact you. You do not need to contact us.

Please note that submitting a new asylum application does not necessarily mean that you will be granted a residence permit.

ECHR decision will be considered when your application is processed

If you have a first asylum application or a subsequent application pending at the Finnish Immigration Service, we will take the ECHR decision into account when we process your application.

If you have appealed against your decision and you have an appeal pending at an administrative court or at the Supreme Administrative Court, the court will take the ECHR decision into account before issuing its own decision.