Queues for waiting numbers are meant for urgent matters

Migri 1.9.2017 12.19
Press release

Because the agency’s service points have been so busy, we have been forced to limit the service of customers with waiting numbers.

Waiting numbers are meant for customers who are not able to handle their matter by booking an appointment. So that we are able to serve as many urgent customers with waiting numbers as possible, we have been serving, from the beginning of June, customers with waiting numbers whose permit or passport is about to expire within three months. If necessary, we will book an appointment for the other customers so that they can handle their matters.

It will be easier and more convenient for you if you book an appointment in advance to handle your matter. You can come to the service point only a short while before the booked appointment and you do not have to wait for a long time. When an appointment has been booked in advance, the official will also have the opportunity to prepare for the appointment in advance.

To be able to handle your matter you have to complete the application form in advance in all matters apart from passport applications either in our e-service Enter Finland or on a paper form. You can find more information about handling your matter at our service points on our website.

If you are coming to handle your matter with a waiting number, please wait calmly in line for your turn. We cannot follow waiting lists made by the customers themselves but we give out waiting numbers to people who are queueing in the order they arrived.

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