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Are you a client at a reception centre? Your prepaid card will be exchanged

Publication date 18.8.2023 11.15
Press release

The supplier of the Finnish Immigration Service's prepaid debit cards is changing. The new card supplier is Enfuce Oy. All cards of the current card supplier PFS will be exchanged for Enfuce cards during September-October 2023.

Your own reception centre will be in touch to provide you with instructions on how to change your card. The balance on your current card will be transferred to the new Enfuce card when you receive your new card. You can ask for more information about the new card from your reception centre.

If you work or have other incoming transfers to your card in addition to the reception allowance, you will also receive a new account number from your reception centre, as well as new payroll instructions. Give these new instructions to your employer/the payer. The reception centre has your employer's account number, which will be automatically added to the new card system if you continue to work. Contact your reception centre to agree on a card replacement date to avoid any problems in receiving your wages/bank transfers to the new card.

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