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Investigation regarding funds left on Moni cards continues

Publication date 17.1.2022 13.05

The Finnish Immigration Service has conducted an extensive investigation into returning the funds remaining in asylum seekers’ Moni card accounts. So far, no satisfactory solution has been found. The Finnish Immigration Service will continue to investigate the matter. We apologise for the situation and the worry it has caused.

The Finnish Immigration Service is trying to find a solution 

In July 2020, we filed an investigation request with the police regarding the funds remaining on clients’ Moni cards. On 26 March 2021, the Helsinki Police Department decided not to initiate a criminal investigation because if found that there are no grounds to suspect Moni Nordic of a criminal offence in the matter. The police considered the matter to be a claim of damages governed by contract law. This means that the police will not investigate the matter. However, the Finnish Immigration Service will request a prosecutor to assess the matter. 

The Finnish Immigration Service and reception centres do not have access to the Moni card account information. Therefore, we are unable to return the missing funds. The Finnish Immigration Service does not have the funds in its possession. Your reception centre can also not influence the returning of your money.

The Finnish Immigration Service holds that the responsibility for returning the funds lies with the service provider, Moni Nordic, or its partner companies, who were tasked with managing the funds. Moni Nordic has had partner companies abroad, and we are examining the possibility to file an investigation request with foreign authorities as well.

Card holders will be informed of the situation

If you are waiting for your money to be returned, follow our customer bulletins. We will inform Moni card holders and reception centres of our investigation into the matter.

The Finnish Immigration Service does not have access to the account information of individual clients’ Moni cards. Therefore, we cannot give you any information about the funds on your card.

State Treasury will handle claims for compensation against the Finnish Immigration Service

If you file a claim for compensation against the Finnish Immigration Service, the State Treasury will handle your claim. In your claim for compensation, you must present documentation of the damage caused to you. 

More information about how to claim compensation and about the documentation needed for the claim as well as the contact details can be found on the website of the State Treasury. You may ask your reception centre for further instructions.

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