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Now is a good time to apply for a municipality of residence – changes expected to the number of reception units

Publication date 1.7.2024 10.00
Press release

If you meet the criteria for getting a municipality of residence, you should apply for a municipality of residence, as the Finnish Immigration Service is making changes to the number of reception units. These changes may end the operation of your reception unit.

When you have a municipality of residence

  • you can decide where you live and organise your living arrangements as you wish. If you live in a dwelling located in a reception unit, ask the reception unit if you can continue living in the same dwelling
  • you will have the same rights and services as permanent residents of Finland. Your rights will be broader than for those living in a reception unit
  • you will no longer be a customer of the reception unit 
  • changes in reception units will not affect you
  • you can apply for social assistance and housing allowance from Kela to support your living and housing.

Apply for a municipality of residence from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency:

Your reception unit will notify you if the changes affect you

The reception units are intended for temporary accommodation and the Finnish Immigration Service regulates the number of reception units based on the needs for reception unit places. Now, the need for reception unit places has decreased and changes are expected in the number of units.

We are assessing the need for changes based on the location, operation and productivity of reception units. If there is a need for a change related to your reception unit, you may be transferred to another reception unit. Issues such as your need for health services, possible study or workplace and your family situation influence the reception unit where you will be transferred.

The reception unit will contact you if the changes concern you. You can also ask about the situation at your reception unit. 

You can also make arrangements for private accommodation outside the reception unit. In this case, the housing costs will not be compensated. Read more about private accommodation on the Staying in private accommodation page.