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The Finnish Immigration Service is reducing the amount of accommodation in the reception system

Publication date 1.7.2024 10.00
Press release

The Finnish Immigration Service is continuously assessing the need for accommodation in the reception system and its cost-effectiveness. The agency regulates the number of places in the system according to the current need.

The number of new applicants for international protection and recipients of temporary protection has decreased during the spring. Many recipients of temporary protection have also applied for a municipality of residence and moved from reception units to a municipality, which has also reduced the need for accommodation provided by reception units.

– As the need for accommodation decreases, it is also necessary to reduce the accommodation capacity in the reception system to maintain cost-effective operations. Capacity will be scaled down by reducing the number of places in the reception units in operation and by closing down some of the units. Some of the new reception units for adults and families will be turned into institutional reception units, says Elina Nurmi, Director of the Reception Services Department.

The changes to the reception system will be planned and implemented during the summer and autumn of 2024.

Finland currently has 76 reception centres, their branches and service points for clients in private accommodations and 23 units for minors. The reception system has currently around 27,800 customers. 43 per cent of these customers live in private accommodation. The majority of the customers are Ukrainians under temporary protection.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for the procurement, direction and supervision of the reception units. The agency’s own reception units are located in Helsinki, Lappeenranta (Joutseno) and Oulu.

Many customers can move to a municipality

Some customers whose current accommodation is in reception units may have to move as a result of the changes to the reception system. If necessary, customers can transfer to another unit or move to private accommodation or to a municipality.

– The reception units inform the customers well in advance. Our aim is to ensure that customers can prepare for the changes and make a decision on whether to transfer to a residency in a municipality or arrange accommodation for themselves outside the unit, for instance, says Nurmi.

Ukrainians who have received temporary protection may apply for a municipality of residence if they have been residing in Finland for a continuous period of one year. By the end of June, the reception system will have approximately 11,000 recipients of temporary protection who can apply for a municipality of residence if they so wish. Those who have a municipality of residence can personally decide their place of residence. They have the same rights and services as other residents.

Further information for the media

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Press release