The Finnish Immigration Service has discontinued the contract of the reception centre in Siikajärvi, Espoo. Its operations will end by the end of June 2018. The centre is maintained by Luona Oy. The accommodation capacity at the centre in Siikajärvi is 330 beds.
Reception centre operations to end in Siikajärvi

9.1.2018 14.00
Press release

Maahanmuuttovirasto on irtisanonut Espoossa sijaitsevan Siikajärven vastaanottokeskuksen sopimuksen ja toiminta keskuksessa loppuu kesäkuun 2018 loppuun mennessä. Keskusta ylläpitää Luona Oy. Siikajärven keskuksessa on 330 vastaanottopaikkaa.

The total number of persons registered as asylum seekers in Finland is currently decreasing by several hundred persons per month. These asylum seekers are granted a residence permit and move from reception centres to Finnish municipalities, or they leave Finland or stop receiving reception services for other reasons. The Finnish Immigration Service expects to need a significantly smaller accommodation capacity at reception centres by this summer.

It is expensive to maintain accommodation capacity and that is why the goal is, at all times, to keep the number of beds as close to the real demand as possible. The goal of the Finnish Immigration Service is to maintain on average a 90 per cent occupancy rate at the reception centres.

At the moment, around 13,300 persons are within the reception system for asylum seekers. A total of 56 reception centres are maintained, eight of which are intended for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. Approximately 4,200 asylum seekers are registered at reception centres but live in private accommodation.

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