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Effects of the strikes on 1–2 February 2024 on customers of the Finnish Immigration Service

Publication date 31.1.2024 14.55
Press release

Several trade unions in Finland oppose the government's working life reforms and will go on strike on Thursday and Friday 1–2 February. The strikes will slow down postal delivery and pause parts of public transportation.

Because of the strikes, the letters that the Finnish Immigration Service has sent by post may arrive later than normal. For example, decisions that are sent by post might arrive later than usual. Likewise, letters sent to the Finnish Immigration Service may arrive later than they normally would.

If you have booked an appointment for visiting a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service, for example, please check your travel arrangements in case public transportation is not available.

If you send additional documents for your application by post and the letter reaches the Finnish Immigration Service late because of the strike, your documents must reach the Finnish Immigration Service on 9 February 2024 at the latest

You do not need to contact the Finnish Immigration Service because of this. 

Cancel your appointment if you cannot attend

If you cannot attend an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service on 1 or 2 February 2024, please cancel your appointment. You can cancel an appointment using the online appointment system Vihta. Cancellation is possible for up to 4 hours before the appointment. 

Book a new appointment or cancel your appointment in our appointment system ( 

If your residence permit is about to expire, submit an application for an extended permit online in Enter Finland. If you do so, there will not be a gap between your residence permits and your right to work will not be interrupted even if you cannot prove your identity at a service point before the expiry of your old permit.

Contact your reception centre if you have an interview that you cannot attend

If you have an interview on 1 or 2 February 2024 but cannot travel to the interview location, contact your reception centre. The reception centre will agree with you on how you can attend the interview.

Use Enter Finland to send any additional documents if you applied online

If you have applied for a residence permit or citizenship in the online service Enter Finland, you can use Enter Finland to submit your documents to the Finnish Immigration Service. You will also be notified of the decision directly in Enter Finland. If you receive a request for additional information in Enter Finland, the strikes will not affect the deadline for your reply. The last day for submitting your reply is stated in the request in Enter Finland.