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Book an appointment at a service point in advance

If you are in Finland and you apply for:

  • a residence permit;
  • a travel document;
  • citizenship; or
  • EU registration,

book an appointment at one of our service points to prove your identity or to submit your application. Book your appointment in advance in our appointment system.

You can only use the appointment system to book appointments at the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland. If you are abroad when you apply for a residence permit, visit a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). See their contact information on the website of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

If you are an asylum seeker, you will receive an invitation to an interview. Read more about handling your matters as an asylum seeker.

Remember these things when you book an appointment

You can only book an appointment online

Book an appointment in our appointment system. Our telephone service cannot help you book an appointment. This means that you cannot book an appointment or change or cancel your appointment by phone.

If you cannot come to an appointment that you have booked, remember to cancel it in the appointment system.

New appointments become available in the appointment system continuously

If you are not able to find an appointment time that suits you in the appointment system, please check later for available appointments. Appointments are usually available for three months ahead.

Waiting numbers are only meant for customers with urgent matters

Your matter is urgent in the following cases:

  • Your residence permit will expire within the next three months.
  • Your passport issued by Finland will expire within the next three months.

If you visit a service point in order to take care of citizenship matters or non-urgent residence permit matters and you take a waiting number, we will use our appointment system to book an appointment for you, if necessary.

If you visit a service point without booking an appointment, please be aware that the queue may be very long and that we may not have the time to serve you on that day.

Handing in additional documents

During office hours, you can leave additional documents to your application in the postbox at the service point. Do not book an appointment for this. You can also submit your additional documents to us in other ways.