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Renew your residence permit card on Enter Finland for a lower fee and without a service point visit

Publication date 2.4.2024 9.00
Press release

Residence permit cards are valid for up to five years. You must renew your card every five years because there is a chip inside the card that contains biometric identifiers, such as your photograph and two fingerprints. We recommend that you renew your card online. This way, you may avoid having to visit a service point every other time you renew your card.

Do this to avoid having to visit a service point:

  • Log in to your Enter Finland account using strong electronic identification: use your online banking credentials, mobile certificate or citizen certificate. 
    • If you have previously used your email address to log in, change the login method for your account under ‘My account’.
  • Attach to your application the photograph retrieval code for your digital passport photo. 
  • Pay for the application.

A child under 18 years of age can avoid having to visit a service point if the child applies for a new residence permit card from a parent’s or guardian’s Enter Finland account that uses strong electronic identification.

Online applications are more affordable than paper applications

Whenever possible, apply for a new card from your Enter Finland account. The processing fee for renewing a residence permit card is lower if you apply online, and Enter Finland is the fastest and easiest way to apply. You can use your Enter Finland account to follow the progress of your application. Submitting any additional documents will be swift and easy.

The processing fee for an online application is 60 euros. You can pay the fee either when you submit the application or afterwards. The processing fee for an application submitted at a service point is 75 euros.

You can apply for a new residence permit card or residence card on Enter Finland and possibly avoid having to visit a service point if you apply for one of the following reasons:

  • Your card will expire soon.
  • Your card is lost or stolen.
    • If you apply for a new card because your card is lost or stolen, the processing fee is 120 euros.
  • Your card is so worn out that the information on it is unreadable.
  • You have a residence permit sticker on your passport and your passport is about to expire.

Renewing your residence permit card and extending your permit are two different things. If your permit is about to expire, you cannot extend it by applying for a new residence permit card. You must apply for an extended permit instead. For more information about applying for an extended permit, see the page Extended permit (new fixed-term residence permit).

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