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Finnish Immigration Service has paused issuing of negative decisions involving removal from the country to Afghanistan

14.7.2021 9.23

If you are an Afghan citizen applying for asylum or a residence permit in Finland, we will not, at the moment, issue a negative decision for you if your decision would involve removal from the country to Afghanistan.

The Finnish Immigration Service is assessing the current security situation in Afghanistan and has paused the issuing of negative decisions on 9 July 2021. The Finnish Immigration Service always uses up-to-date country information when making decisions.

We will inform our customers when the assessment is ready and the decision-making resumes.

Because of the pause in decision-making, the processing of your application may take longer. 

If you already have received a negative decision,

please note that the pause only concerns the decision-making at the Finnish Immigration Service. The police are responsible for removals from the country.

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Updated 15.7.2021: A translation to Dari added to the language versions.