The newsroom of the Finnish Immigration Service is now open: more information available about immigration and news about the work of the Finnish Immigration Service

12.3.2019 13.50
Press release

A newsroom has been added to the website of the Finnish Immigration Service. The goal is to offer more information about immigration and the work of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Facts about topics such as seeking asylum, the functioning of the reception centres, work-related immigration and other frequently asked questions have been collected in a data bank in the newsroom. The data bank is especially targeted at the media and other people interested in issues related to immigration.

We will add information in Swedish and in English to the newsroom during the spring.

In the newsroom, media representatives can also find

  • immigration statistics
  • terminology related to immigration
  • an image database
  • contact information
  • press releases

There will also be news and blog posts available in Finnish.

Further information:

Further information for the media

Head of Press and Communications Services Aino Likitalo, tel. +358 295 430 431, [email protected]

Press release