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Helsinki service point will start operating in Malmi on 6 April

6.4.2021 8.00

On 6 April 2021, the Helsinki service point will start operating in new premises in Malmi at the address Kaupparaitti 10, 00700 Helsinki. The Helsinki service point at Käenkuja was closed permanently on 19 March. From now on, you can visit the service point in Malmi.

You will find the Malmi service point in the Finnish Immigration Service’s appointment system under Helsinki: Malmi service point. For opening times of the service point, see the page

Asylum interviews and oral hearings conducted in Helsinki will be held normally at the address Ratapihantie 11, Helsinki, even in future.

The new office has good public transport connection

The new office is easy to reach by train or bus. If you come by car, there are parking places (parking free of charge for a limited time) for example along Viljatie and in the multi-storey car parks of Malmintori shopping centre. There is no on-site customer parking at the service point. See the location of the new office on the map.

Please note the coronavirus restrictions

Please keep a distance of more than two meters to other persons. Wear a face mask. Follow the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in order to prevent coronavirus infection. Follow the instructions also when waiting for your turn outside the service point.

Security checks are introduced in Malmi as of 12 April

The purpose of the security checks is to ensure a safe working environment for customers, interpreters, counsels and employees.

Make sure to come early and be prepared for a security check

If you have an appointment, you should arrive at least 10 minutes before the appointed time. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we can only let in a limited number of people at the same time. If you arrive well before your appointment, you need to wait outside the service point.

To make the security check as smooth as possible, please take off all items that contain large amounts of metal, such as belts or large pieces of jewellery, and place them on the x-ray conveyor belt for inspection.

To make the security check quicker, we recommend that you bring with you as few items as possible.

If you have metal in your body, for instance a prosthesis or an artificial joint, you should mention this to the security officer. You should also inform the officer in case you have a cardiac pacemaker. If you have a pacemaker card, you should bring it with you. Even sequins, metal buttons or wired undergarments may set off an alarm.

If you bring with you babies or small children, the children are carried through the metal detection gate in their parent’s arms. Children’s food and other supplies are placed on the x-ray conveyor belt.

Please remember that you must go through security every time you enter the customer facilities. Even if you only take a break outside and return inside, you must go through security again.