Vacant positions and traineeships

At the website, you can find a list of positions currently vacant at the Finnish Immigration Service or in the Government. If there are vacant positions at the Finnish Immigration Service, you will also see them listed below.

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Our employees are experts, partners and service specialists

Qualities we appreciate in potential new employees include expertise, an unprejudiced and service-minded attitude, co-operative abilities and an active approach to development.

The success of the Finnish Immigration Service depends on happy and healthy employees who are both efficient and innovative.

For further information on the Finnish Immigration Service as an employer, please visit the site.

Traineeship with the Finnish Immigration Service

Every year, the Finnish Immigration Service takes university students as trainees. Each trainee must have a grant from his or her university for at least a part of the traineeship period. The minimum traineeship period is three months. You cannot apply for a traineeship at reception centres via the Finnish Immigration Service, since reception centres are in charge of recruiting their own trainees. Trainee vacancies at the Finnish Immigration Service are reported to universities’ recruitment services via the Aarresaari service in December.