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Brexit customer – submit your Brexit permit application by 30 September 2021

Publication date 23.6.2021 12.50

The United Kingdom has left the European Union. For this reason, you need to apply for a right of residence under the withdrawal agreement (also called 'Brexit permit') on 30 September 2021 at the latest if

  • you are a British citizen or the family member of a British citizen who resides in Finland
  • you have resided in Finland before 31 December 2020, and have resided in Finland continuously since 31 December 2020.

When you submit your application before the given time limit, 

  • you can reside legally in Finland. 
  • your right to work will continue until you receive a decision. 
    • If you receive a positive decision, your right to work in Finland continues unrestricted.
  • you can continue your studies in Finland in accordance with your right of residence until you receive a decision.

Apply for a right of residence in Enter Finland

Filling in the application online is the fastest way to submit an application.

The quickest applications to process are the ones on which we do not need to ask for further information. In these cases, the applicant has usually chosen the right application form and provided all the attachments needed.