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Employer – this is how you speed up the processing of a seasonal worker's application

11.3.2021 14.47

There are many ways how you can speed up the processing of your employee's seasonal job application.

Follow these steps:

  • Instruct the employee to submit an application in good time in the Enter Finland online service. There he or she must authorise you to supplement his or her application.   
    • Filing the application online is faster and cheaper. The processing fee for an application submitted in Enter Finland is EUR 75, while the processing fee for a paper application is EUR 175.
    • In the online service, you can follow how the processing the application proceeds. You can also see when a decision has been made on the matter, even if you cannot access the actual decision. Read more about using the online service on

  • Supplement the employee's application on the Enter Finland for Employers online service or, alternatively, by using a TY6_plus paper form.

    • Carefully read the instructions for supplementing the terms of employment on the page If the information is incomplete, we will send you or your employee a request for further information. This will lengthen the processing of the application. 

    • In Enter Finland for Employers, supplement the terms of employment under section “terms of employment missing”.

      • If you cannot use the Enter Finland for Employers, use the TY6_plus form to supplement the terms of employment. The paper form must be signed by a person responsible for the company with the right to sign. If the form is signed by someone else, a power of attorney must be attached to the form. 

    • Complete the terms of employment using the same information as stated in the terms and conditions of the employment contract or the binding employment offer. 

    • Report the exact length of the employment relationship. A certificate for seasonal work may be issued for a maximum period of 90 days. The certificate's period of validity shall begin on the date you declare as the employment start date. 

An application sent by e-mail is considered a paper application

An electronic application refers to an application submitted in the Enter Finland online service. If the request for a seasonal work certificate is sent to us by e-mail, it is considered a paper application and a fee for processing the paper application is charged. 

We recommend that you and your employee use the Enter Finland service. However, if the use of Enter Finland is not possible in your situation, and you send a request for a seasonal work certificate by e-mail, all appendices must be attached to the same e-mail as the request for a certificate. This will enable us to keep the application and its appendices firmly together.

We process seasonal workers' applications in the order they are submitted  

However, we will take note of the start date of the work in the processing of the applications.  

We aim to process applications made to the same employer at the same time. 

Take account of the instructions related to the coronavirus situation

Because of the coronavirus situation, the employee may not be able to make an appointment at a Finnish mission abroad. If the employee so wishes, he or she can apply for a seasonal work certificate even if the employment relationship you have entered into were longer than 90 days. If the employment continues for more than 90 days, the employee must apply for the first residence permit in Finland before the validity of the certificate expires. He or she must book an appointment at the Finnish Immigration Service's service point in Finland. He or she may have to wait before an appointment can be scheduled because there is congestion in our service points' appointments. A normal processing fee will be charged for the new application. 

For more information

  • You will find a page targeted to employers of seasonal workers on the Finnish Immigration Service's website at
  • Our website provides information on the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the processing of applications:
  • If your employee applies for a seasonal residence permit, Kamu chatbot will help him or her follow the processing of the application. Kamu tells your employee where his or her application stands in the processing queue for applications. Read more on the webpage  
  • We update the processing status of seasonal work applications every week with a customer bulletin on the queue situation. The bulletin is published on our website at