Survey: Asylum seekers are more satisfied with reception centres than a year ago

14.1.2020 14.22
Press release

Asylum seekers are more satisfied with reception centres than before. This is revealed by client feedback collected by the Finnish Immigration Service. The survey is part of the monitoring activities of the reception system and provided an opportunity to obtain feedback from reception centre clients.

This year, a total of 1407 asylum seekers at 33 reception centres took part in the survey. In addition, 52 responses were received from six units for unaccompanied minors.

The topics of the survey were sense of security at reception centres, equal treatment of clients, availability of staff and treatment of clients.

Clients can trust reception centre staff

Clients feel that staff treat them well more often. In addition, they feel that they are treated more equally than last year and trust in staff has increased.

Clients generally felt that staff treat them well and were satisfied with their treatment at the reception centre. The respondents said that friendly and respectful treatment is very important and reduces stress. However, some contrary opinions were also expressed in the answers to open-ended questions.

Minors wished that staff would pay more attention to the opinions of young people on issues such as food and exercise.

The survey indicated that sense of security had decreased slightly compared to 2018. Reception centres were considered safest mainly by children and women.

Group and other activities receive praise

Finnish language teaching and guiding clients to participate in activities both within and outside the centre were considered good things. Activity premises, gym and sauna were important to asylum seekers.

The respondents would have wanted more organised programmes and activities for both adults and children. Many clients would also like more assistance with finding work and personal time with staff. Some wanted help with utilising their own skills and would have wanted to be useful to the reception centre.

The survey results will be used to develop reception centre services.

Read the summary of the survey:

Summary of client feedback from units for adults and families (in Finnish)

Summary of client feedback from units for minors (in Finnish)

Further information for the media

Families: Senior Adviser Kati Vahtera, tel. +358 295 433 080
email: [email protected]

Units for minors: Senior Adviser Jaana Karhu, tel. +358 295 433 164
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