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Malmi service point will serve customers by appointment on Saturdays 19 March and 9 April at 9–15

Publication date 14.3.2022 10.07

Saturday appointments can be booked in our appointment system in the beginning of the same week. It is not possible to visit the service point with a waiting number on Saturdays. Instead, you need to book an appointment.

The appointments are intended for the reception of ordinary applications, not applications for temporary protection offered to Ukrainians. If you come from Ukraine and are applying for temporary protection, you can only submit your application to the police or the Border Guard.

Please book only one appointment for yourself in the appointment system, so that as many customers as possible can book their own appointment. If your family members need to renew their permits, book a family appointment. See the instructions on how to book an appointment.

Please note the coronavirus restrictions

Wear a face mask. Follow the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in order to prevent coronavirus infection.

How to make your visit easier?

  • Fill in your application in advance before visiting a service point. If you are not sure which application form you should use, use the Application Finder to find out. The better you are prepared for your appointment, the quicker we will be able to serve you. 
    • We can serve you only if you have filled in your application in advance because there is no time to fill in the form at the service desk.
  • Please do not visit the service point to ask about the processing time of your application. You can often check the progress of your application process online:
    • in Enter Finland if you have submitted your application online.
    • by asking chatbot Kamu if you are applying for a residence permit, citizenship or EU registration.
    • In addition, you will receive automated messages during the processing of your application.
  • If you have been asked to submit additional documents to the Finnish Immigration Service, add them to your application in Enter Finland or send them by post.  
  • If you cannot attend an appointment at our service point, remember to cancel your appointment. An unattended appointment that has not been cancelled will cost you 50 euros.

Many reasons to submit your application in Enter Finland: 

  • Your stay in the country is legal when you apply for a residence permit.
    • If you are applying for a first residence permit while already in Finland and submit your application in Enter Finland, your stay in Finland is legal even if you are unable to get an appointment at a service point to prove your identity within three months of submitting the application.
  • If you are applying for an extended permit, you may not have to visit a service point to prove your identity.
    • o    When you start using strong electronic identification in the online service Enter Finland and submit an application for an extended permit, the service will tell you whether you need to visit a service point to prove your identity or not. Read more about strong electronic identification on the page
  • If you intend to renew your residence permit card, submit the application in Enter Finland before your current card expires. In this case, you can visit a service point later to prove your identity instead of visiting a service point before your current card expires.

The Malmi service point has good public transport connections

The Malmi service point is easy to reach by train or bus. If you come by car, there are parking places (parking free of charge for a limited time) for example along Viljatie and in the multi-storey car parks of Malmintori shopping centre. There is no on-site customer parking at the service point.

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