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Waiting numbers will be handed out again at the Helsinki service point as of 3 March: please note the coronavirus restrictions

2.3.2021 17.42

As of Wednesday 3 March, waiting numbers will be handed out again at the Helsinki service point.

We follow the coronavirus restrictions carefully. Because of this, we can only allow a restricted number of persons to enter the premises of the service point at a time. Please be prepared to wait for your turn outside. We expect to see extended queues.

Please keep a distance of more than two meters to other persons. We strongly recommend that you wear a mask. Please follow the instructions of the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) in order to prevent coronavirus infection. Follow the instructions also when waiting for your turn outside the service point. 

Please visit the service point with a waiting number only if your permit is about to expire within the next few weeks or if your matter is otherwise urgent.

If you have booked an appointment, you can handle your matter as usual. If you come to the service point just before your booked appointment, you will not have to wait for your turn outside.