You can now send your passport photo to us electronically

17.10.2017 13.12
Press release

From now on, a photo shop can directly send your passport photo to be included in your residence permit application.

With the customer’s permission, the majority of photo shops in Finland are able to send the customer’s passport photo to a photo server. From the server, it can be attached to residence permit applications and passport applications, for example.

After taking a passport photo of you, the photo shop will give you a receipt for your photo, or send the individual identification code of your photo to you in a text message. Bring the receipt or the code with you when you visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. You can also use a paper photo if you wish.

The passport photo to be attached to your residence permit application can only be up to six months old. This means that you cannot use in a new application the same photo you used in your previous application. If the Finnish Immigration Service has to ask you for a new passport photo, the processing time of your application will become longer.

More detailed instructions on passport photos are available on the website of the Finnish police. The police have also listed photo shops (only in Finnish or Swedish) that use the photo server.


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