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Requirements for a child for becoming a citizen

The general requirements for becoming a citizen also apply to children. Exceptions to the required period of residence and language skills can be made for children who are less than 18 years old. Read more below.

Children under 15 years of age

If a child is younger than 15 years of age, his or her permanent residence and domicile needs to be in Finland when a decision is made on the citizenship application, but he or she does not need to meet the language skills requirement.

Children who are 15 years of age or older

If a child is 15 years of age or older, his or her permanent residence and domicile must be in Finland.

In addition, the child needs to have lived in Finland

  • for four years without interruption;
  • for six years after he or she turned seven, with the last two years without interruption; or
  • for the last two years if the child is a Nordic citizen.

If the child has reached 15 years of age, he or she must have the Finnish or Swedish language skills required for a citizenship application. Note: For a co-applicant who has turned 15 and still participates in comprehensive education, the most recent intermediate report (period or end-of-term) is sufficient.