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1.9. Changes to the duration of residence permits for students and researchers

31.8.2018 15.33
Press release

In the future, students and researchers arriving in Finland from outside the European Union (EU) can be issued with longer residence permits. The Act will be amended at the beginning of September.

A residence permit for studies can be issued for two years, whereas it was previously issued for one year. The preconditions of a residence permit, such as means of support, must be secured for the entire duration of residence in Finland. A permit extension is for two years, in principle.

The amendment of the Act applies to applications by students submitted after the 1st of September. The amendment will have no effect on applications that are already pending.

Researcher’s residence permits for researchers

Residence permits for researchers will be issued for a maximum of two years and a permit extension for a maximum of four years. Applications for a researcher’s residence permit can be submitted by highly educated individuals whom the research organisation has selected and with whom it has signed a contract.

Researchers will receive a researcher’s residence permit regardless of whether the case involves an employment contract or a grant. Those who worked on the basis of their own funding were previously regarded as postgraduate students.

Even a researcher’s means of support must be secured for the period for which a residence permit is being sought.

From one EU country to another with a notification

A researcher or university student who has received a residence permit from another EU country can arrive in Finland to carry out research and study for a fixed period without any obligation to apply for a residence permit from Finland.

Such arrival requires that a notification be submitted and approved. A notification should be submitted to the authority of the current country of residence and to the Finnish Immigration Service.

After the completion of studies or research, students and researchers can receive a residence permit for the purposes of applying for a job and starting a business. Such a residence permit will also be issued for a maximum of one year in the future.

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