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Are you going to visit the Finnish Immigration Service? Wear a face mask following the recommendations

3.11.2020 8.41

We recommend that you wear a face mask if you come to submit an application, to participate in an oral hearing or asylum interview, or to see one of our customer service officers for some other reason.

According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the coronavirus infection can spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. Some of those who are infected with the virus do not have symptoms, or they only have minor symptoms, which means that they are not aware of having the infection. You can reduce the spread of infections by wearing a face mask correctly. Please read carefully the Recommendation and instructions on the use of face masks on THL’s website. 

When you are indoors in our service points, please wear a mask following the recommendations. In the waiting room, allow a sufficient safety distance (one to two metres) between yourself and other people in the room.

Do not visit our service points if you are sick, you have symptoms, or you have been exposed to the coronavirus. Remember to cancel your appointment. 

When you visit a service point:

You can bring your own mask. Unfortunately, we cannot hand out masks to all customers who visit our service points.

When you come to an oral hearing or an asylum interview:  

You can bring your own mask or ask the security guard for a surgical face mask.  We recommend that you wear a mask all the time during the hearing or interview.  

In service points, surgical masks are also available in the hearing and interview rooms.

If several people are present at your hearing or interview (applicant, interpreter, lawyer, representative, support person or guardian), you must keep a distance of one to two metres between each person. 

If you are an asylum seeker living at a reception centre

  • follow the instructions the reception centre gives you on wearing a mask and dealing with the coronavirus situation.

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