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EU registration certificate remains in Enter Finland for one year – save and print it for yourself

Publication date 31.3.2022 14.18

Your EU registration certificate will remain in the online service Enter Finland for one year after the date when you open it for the first time in the online service.

After a year, the certificate and the application with its attachments will be removed from the online service for reasons of data protection. After that, you will not be able to print the certificate from the online service.

The removal of documents after the time limit of one year applies to all applications submitted in the online service Enter Finland.

If you applied for EU registration in Enter Finland, 

save and print the certificate for yourself. The certificate is the only document with which you can prove your right of residence in Finland, as no residence card is provided in connection with EU registration. You may need the certificate later when visiting Finnish authorities.

How to request a certificate that has been removed from Enter Finland

If you have not saved your EU registration certificate and it has been removed from the online service, you can request the certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service.

If you registered your right of residence less than two years ago and you only need a copy of the decision, you can request the copy from the Finnish Immigration Service free of charge. You can send your request by email, fax, or letter. You will find our contact information at the end of this customer bulletin. You do not need to fill in a separate form. It is enough that you tell your customer number or your full name and date of birth in your request.

If more than two years have passed since the decision, you can request the certificate with the form Request for a certificate. The processing fee is 50 euros. When you submit the certificate request form, attach a receipt or other reliable proof of having paid the processing fee. Include also a copy of your identity card or passport. The certificate can be printed out in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Send your request to the Finnish Immigration Service

  • by email:  [email protected] or
  • by fax: 0295 411 720 or
  • by letter: PO Box 10, 00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto

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