Personal identity number can be applied for in connection with a residence permit application from the end of 2014

Migri 11.3.2014 12.46
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Legislation concerning the registration of foreign nationals has been amended as from 1 March 2014. From the end of 2014, foreign nationals may apply for a Finnish personal identity number in connection with their resident permit application. Applicants will receive their personal identity number when they are issued with their first residence permit.

Previously, foreign nationals had to apply for a personal identity number at the local register office after the Finnish Immigration Service or the police had issued them with their first residence permit. The amendments to the legislation will simplify this process.

The Finnish Immigration Service has started a project called LuvallaHetu in order to prepare the agency for the changes that result from the amendments. The project receives funding from the European Integration Fund.

Personal identity number is useful in many situations in Finland

Receiving a personal identity number together with the first residence permit will make many situations easier in the Finnish society.

The public authorities will find it easier to process matters relating to a certain person. With a personal identity number, it is easier to find details of a person in different registers, even if the name is written in several ways.

Changes in residence permit application forms and e-services

After the revision, the Finnish Immigration Service and the police will have the right to make entries in the Population Information System.

This will cause changes in the residence permit application forms and the e-services of the Finnish Immigration Service. During the summer and autumn, the agency will make changes in its systems and train its personnel as well as other public authorities affected by the changes.

The new procedures concerning registration will be introduced at the end of the year.

Applicants are required to ask for the registration

A foreign national can ask to be registered in the Population Information System when applying for a residence permit or a residence permit card. A personal identity number is issued only to those who receive a positive decision on their application.

The amendments also apply to asylum seekers who are issued with a residence permit.

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