British citizen: You do not have to file a new registration application to register your citizenship of another EU or EEA state

25.3.2019 13.48
Press release

We recommend that all citizens of Great Britain resident in Finland register their right of residence in case Britain exits the EU without a deal at the end of March.

If you have the citizenship of some other EU or EEA state in addition to Great Britain, we recommend that you register your right of residence as based on that citizenship. We earlier advised British citizens to apply for re-registration based on some other EU citizenship. We have now simplified these instructions.

If you have already registered your right of residence, it is enough that you send the Finnish Immigration Service a copy of the passport granted by that state. When you send the copy, we will also take your other EU citizenship in registration into consideration. You need not file a new application.

How to proceed:

Send a copy of your passport’s personal identification page by email. We recommend that you use an encrypted email format: go to You can also send the copy by post to: P.O. Box 10, 00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto, or drop the copy off at our service point.

We will record the other EU citizenship in your information. If you want to receive written confirmation indicating that you have been registered on the basis of some other EU citizenship, you can send a request for a certificate to us, which is subject to a fee. However, we do not require that you retain a written certificate of your registration.

If your other EU citizenship has already been taken into consideration in the registration, you need not do anything.

If you have not yet registered your right of residence:

Register your right of residence as soon as possible. If you have been residing in Finland legally and continuously for five years, obtain a certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service concerning EU citizens’ permanent right of residence.

We will provide information on the possible application of residence permits and further instructions immediately when the final Brexit decision has been made.

Further information about Brexit: