Survey: customers of the Finnish Immigration Service are satisfied with the agency’s customer service

2.7.2019 15.24
Press release

According to a survey, customers of the Finnish Immigration Service feel that the agency acts responsibly and provides good customer service. These were the results of a reputation analysis that the Finnish Immigration Service ordered from T-Media last spring. More than 200 customers took part in the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to examine customers’ views on the Finnish Immigration Service, such as its interaction, responsibility, management and governance. In average, customers of the Finnish Immigration Service gave the agency a score of 3.84 on a scale of 1 to 5. According to the respondents, the agency operates efficiently and in a customer-friendly way. On average, the score for customer-friendliness was 3.85 and for efficiency 3.52.

According to the survey, the opinions of different customer segments differ from each other. Satisfaction with customer service was highest among customers who had applied for a residence permit on the basis of work. In contrast, customers who had applied for a residence permit for studies gave lower scores. According to the survey, customers born outside Finland had a more positive view on the Finnish Immigration Service than customers born in Finland.

According to the respondents, the most important targets for development were speeding up the processing of applications and providing more information during the different stages of the process.

Respondents to the survey were recruited using different customer service channels of the Finnish Immigration Service: the website, the telephone service, the service points and the e-service Enter Finland. The survey was conducted using T-Media’s Reputation&Trust model. The method has been employed to study the reputation of more than 300 organisations in Finland.

We aim to improve our services together with our customers

To be able to improve our customer service together with our customers, we are regularly measuring customer satisfaction in different channels. We are planning to conduct more customer surveys than before and in different channels.

“The results of the survey show that our customer service is built on solid foundations. This is a good starting point for improvements, such as making permit processes more customer-friendly, enhancing communication and building services that can be provided in cooperation with other actors. We are going to invest in improving our services together with our customers,” says Director of Customer Experience Harriet Mallenius.

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