Our telephone service has new features

11.11.2020 9.01

When you call the Finnish Immigration Service’s telephone service number, from now on you can select your preferred language (Finnish, Swedish, English). If the lines are busy, you will be informed of the average waiting time.

“In the past, customers had to listen to all our messages in three languages and stayed on the line without knowing how long they would have to wait. The language menu allows us to use shorter messages, and customers get through to the services faster. When customers are informed of the waiting time, they can call back later or use the chatbot if they are not prepared to wait,” explains Sari Pääkkönen, Head of Customer Service.

A customer who has called the telephone service may receive text messages if he or she has a Finnish mobile phone subscription. The message may ask the customer to respond to a feedback survey or, if necessary, give a time at which another attempt will be made to call him or her. These messages, which cannot be responded to, come from the number 18135.

The telephone service number 0295 419 600 serves callers in Finnish, Swedish and English between 8:30 and 15:30 on weekdays.

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