Signing in to Enter Finland working again: use the latest browser versions

12.10.2020 12.11 | Published in English on 12.10.2020 at 16.00

The problem with signing in to the online service Enter Finland has been fixed. You can now sign in to the service with your online banking credentials again.

Sign in to Enter Finland with the latest version of your web browser. If you are still unable to sign in to the service, please use one of the following browsers to sign in: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

If you have received a request for additional information,

  • please reply to the request on 26 October 2020 at the lates. Because of the sign-in problem in Enter Finland, you get an additional two weeks to reply to the request. There is no need to inform us separately that you have been unable to sign in to Enter Finland.

If your permit has expired while the sign-in problem lasted,

  • please submit your application in Enter Finland on Tuesday 13 October at the latest. If you follow these instructions, we will not take into account the interruption in your permits since you have not been able to submit your application for a reason caused by the Finnish authorities. 

The instructions given above apply to all Enter Finland users.