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Changes in the salary requirement for EU Blue Card holders

Publication date 13.5.2024 13.05
Press release

If you have an EU Blue Card as a highly qualified worker, your salary requirement will be lowered as of 13 May 2024.

The salary requirement will be the same as for obtaining a residence permit for a specialist. In 2024, the required monthly salary is EUR 3,638. 

For more information, see the press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (

The changes do not require any action on your part if you have an EU Blue Card or a pending application for an EU Blue Card.

You may apply for an EU Blue Card if:

  • you are coming to Finland for highly qualified employment (as a highly skilled worker)
  • your monthly salary is at least EUR 3,638 in 2024 and
  • you have completed a higher education degree that takes at least three years to complete, or you are a highly skilled worker.

You must have confirmed employment for at least six months before you apply for the permit. An EU Blue Card can be issued for a maximum of two years.

You can apply for an EU Blue Card using our fast-track service and get the permit in two weeks. 

You can apply for a D visa at the same time as you apply for a residence permit. The D visa allows you to travel to Finland immediately after you have been issued with a residence permit and after a D visa sticker has been attached to your passport.

For more information about obtaining an EU residence permit for highly qualified employment, see the page EU Blue Card.

For more information about the fast-track service for obtaining an EU Blue Card, see the page Fast track for EU Blue Card.

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