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Did you submit your residence permit application in Finland? Delivery of residence permit cards in such cases moves to Matkahuolto

Publication date 9.5.2022 10.28

If we issue a positive decision on your application, you will need to collect your residence permit card from a Matkahuolto service point. The card will be sent to your nearest Matkahuolto service point within two weeks of the making of the decision.

You will receive a notification of arrival by email and text message, containing the Matkahuolto consignment number, the address of the Matkahuolto service point and the last day when the card is still available for collection.

In addition to residence permit applications submitted in Finland, this new delivery method applies to those who have submitted an application for a family member’s residence card in Finland.

When collecting your card, bring with you:

The new delivery method does not concern all residence permit cards

For now, the residence permit card will be delivered to a Matkahuolto service point only if you have submitted your residence permit application in Finland. In addition, the new delivery method does not concern situations in which you have applied for

  • asylum or temporary protection, or
  • a travel document together with a residence permit.

Why is the delivery changing?

Previously, we have sent residence permit cards to customers by post. Unfortunately, the delivery service has not been satisfactory as cards have been lost in the mail and customers have therefore had to wait for their cards longer than expected. The agency has had to annul the lost cards and file notifications of missing cards.

The new delivery method is more secure and helps us ensure that the residence permit card reaches its holder.