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Seasonal workers coming to Finland through labour hire agencies eligible to apply for seasonal work permits

4.6.2021 10.29

As from April 2021, the Seasonal Workes Act (907/2017) also applies to temporary agency work. Seasonal workers who find employment in Finland through a labour hire agency and whose work is considered seasonal work under the Seasonal Workers Act may apply for a certificate or residence permit for seasonal work. 

The applicable permit is determined by the duration of a seasonal worker’s employment. For application guidelines, see

Labour hire agencies must comply with the obligations of an employer

The Finnish Immigration Service requests all documents regarding the employer from the labour hire agency. A representative of the labour hire agency is responsible for providing the required information on the terms of employment on the seasonal worker’s application. Read our instructions for providing the required information on the terms of employment. In addition, the agency’s representative must submit to the Finnish Immigration Service a copy of the commission agreement concluded between the labour hire agency and the user company.

Read our guidelines for employers of seasonal workers at

More information:

Customer bulletin: Employer – this is how you speed up the processing of a seasonal worker's application