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Tendering process for reception centres completed

Publication date 25.3.2024 13.54
Press release

The Finnish Immigration Service requested tenders for new reception centres in February 2024. The service providers to whom the contracts will be awarded have now been selected. The purpose of the tendering process was not to increase the number of reception centres but to conclude the competitive tendering for reception centre capacity which was initiated in 2022.

“The Finnish Immigration Service requested tenders for reception centres in eight lots. The reception centres include both apartment-based and institutional reception centres,” says Elina Nurmi, Director of Reception Unit.

When making any changes, the Finnish Immigration Service will see to its clients’ needs and aims to minimise the inconvenience caused. Clients of reception centres will be informed of the upcoming changes in advance. Some clients may need to change reception centres. The Finnish Immigration Service aims to ensure that clients can opt to become residents of a municipality and obtain the services they need from the municipality.

“Reception centres are intended as temporary accommodation before a client can move to a municipality. Once clients become residents of a municipality, they have the same rights and obligations as any other residents of that municipality,” Nurmi concludes.

Service providers by region:

  • Mikkeli or Savonlinna: Hemcare Oy
  • Imatra or Hamina: Hemcare Oy
  • Rovaniemi: Hemcare Oy
  • Kristinestad or Närpes: JST Aves Oy
  • Joensuu, Kitee or Liperi: JST Aves Oy
  • Uusikaupunki or Salo: JST Aves Oy
  • Raahe or Kempele: SPR Oulun piiri
  • Kokkola: Kotokunta Oy

Tenders were requested from service providers who had joined the dynamic purchasing system of the Finnish Immigration Service.

The estimated value of the procurement for four years, including options, is 300 million euros. The final sum depends on, among other factors, the number of clients in reception centres and on how long the reception centres will be in operation. The accommodation capacity per reception centre will be 300 people. The contracts will be valid until further notice.

The new reception centres are expected to open on 1 July 2024.

An appeal period is currently being observed. 

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