Telephone service

On this page you will find information about the telephone service of the Finnish Immigration Service, our general customer service number and our subject-specific service numbers.

Before you call us


Read the website carefully. Our website gives answers to the most common questions.


Use the Processing Time Checker to find out how long the processing of your application will approximately take. Our telephone service cannot give you a more accurate estimate.


Make sure that you have all the information you will need during the phone call:

  • your customer number or date of birth
  • other necessary information about your matter, for example:
    • what application you are referring to
    • when and where you submitted the application
    • the supplement request or another document that the Finnish Immigration Service has sent to you, about which you have a question

Check the processing time of your application

Select the application you submitted.

You will receive a decision on your application approximately on
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Who can get information?

We can only give information about applications to our customers and their legal representatives, and only if we can verify that the person has the right to access the applicant’s information.

If you are calling from outside Finland, leave out the first zero and replace it with the country code +358.

Customer service number

Service hours: Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 15.30.

By calling the customer service number of the Finnish Immigration Service, you can get advice on:

  • residence permits
  • EU registration
  • applications for and decisions on asylum
  • alien’s passports
  • citizenship matters

The customer service number cannot:

  • tell you whether you are likely to get a residence permit or citizenship or not;
  • assess whether your matter is urgent;
  • book you an appointment at a service point, or change, cancel or check the time of your appointment; or
  • give you any information about individual asylum applications or matters related to refugee travel documents, for security reasons.

Phone number for customer service: 0295 419 600

If you wish to book an appointment at a service point, please use our appointment system:

Subject-specific service numbers

Service hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 and 11

You can only queue to our general customer service number. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to queue to our subject-specific service numbers.

Call cost

If you call any number of the Finnish Immigration Service you need to pay a local network charge when you call from a landline telephone, or a mobile telephone charge when you call from a mobile phone. The same charges apply to queueing to our customer service number. International call charges depend on the pricing of mobile phone operators in each country.

We record our calls.

*The telephone service is not open on official holidays. On the following days it closes at 12:00 (noon):

  • Maundy Thursday (before Easter)
  • the day before May Day (30 April)
  • the day before Midsummer Eve
  • the day before Christmas Eve (23 December)
  • New Year’s Eve (31 December)