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Residence permit application for studies

Apply for a residence permit with this application if you are moving to Finland to study and you have been accepted as a student at an educational institution in Finland. The educational institution can be a university, a university of applied sciences, a general upper secondary school or a vocational education institution. You may apply for a residence permit for studies, if

  • your studies lead to a degree or a vocational qualification, or
  • you are coming to Finland as an exchange student.

You cannot be granted a residence permit for studies, if your studies mainly consist of distance learning online and do not require you to stay in Finland. If you wish to visit Finland for a shorter period of time, find out whether you can get a visa. For information on extended permits, see the page Extended permit for studies.

Before applying, watch our video about students’ residence permits. The video will show you how to apply for a student’s residence permit in Finland. 

  • Expected processing time for electronic application

    First permit 2 months

  • Expected processing time for paper application

    First permit 2 months

  • Electronic application fee

    First permit 350 €

  • Electronic application fee, minor holder

    First permit 240 €

  • Paper application fee

    First permit 450 €

  • Paper application fee, minor holder

    First permit 270 €

This is what you should do


Make sure you meet the requirements for the residence permit you are applying for.


Make sure you have all the attachments needed. If necessary, have them translated and legalised. The processing time may be longer if you have not filled in your application sufficiently.


Fill in your application.


Pay for your application in the online service Enter Finland, at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) or at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.


If you are abroad, visit a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). If you are already in Finland, book an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Wait for a decision. The Finnish Immigration Service will contact you if necessary.


Read what happens after you have applied. Check the estimated processing time of your application here. You can follow the processing of your application with the help of our chatbot Kamu. In addition, you will usually receive automated messages at the different processing stages of your application.


You should wait for the residence permit in the same country or locality where you submitted your application and proved your identity.

General requirements for entry into Finland

Make sure you meet the general requirements for entry into Finland before you submit an application.


You must meet the following requirements:

General attachments

  • Valid passport (you must present it when you submit the residence permit application)
  • Passport photo complying with the photo guidelines issued by the police or a photograph retrieval code you received from a photo shop, OLEL_PK
  • Colour copies of the passport page containing personal data and of all passport pages that contain notes
  • Document showing that you are legally staying in the country where you submit the application
  • Form MP_1 (if you already are in Finland and apply for your first residence permit)

Application-specific attachments

  • Certificate of acceptance/attendance from your educational institution in Finland
  • documentation of sufficient financial resources. For example bank statements from the past three months
  • certificate of insurance
  • Documentation of paid tuition fee or documentation of scholarship
  • Earlier degree certificates (not required of degree students and exchange students)
  • Potential certificates of employment (not required of degree students and exchange students)
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you should also attach to your application

Residence permit application for studies, OLE_OPI

Fill in an electronic application