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Right to work

If you plan to work in Finland, you need a residence permit in Finland.

Check your residence permit card and the decision on residence permit given to you to find out whether you have the right to work in Finland.

Unrestricted right to work

You have an unrestricted right to work if you have a valid

  • permanent residence permit (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(1));
  • continuous residence permit on grounds other than employment or self-employment (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(1), such as
    • asylum or a residence permit on the basis of subsidiary protection
    • a residence permit on compassionate grounds
    • a residence permit on the basis of remigration
    • a long-term resident’s EU residence permit issued to a third-country national by the State of Finland;
  • residence permit on the basis of family ties (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(2));
  • residence permit on the basis of temporary protection or other humanitarian immigration (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(3));
  • residence permit for a victim of human trafficking (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(5)); or
  • residence permit issued because you cannot be removed from Finland (Aliens Act, section 78(3)(6)).

The right to work is based on the legal provision given in brackets, which is also indicated on the residence permit card.

Restricted right to work

The grounds of your residence permit determine the amount and types of work you are allowed to do. If you wish to work within a sector that is different from the one that your residence permit has been granted for, you will usually have to apply for a residence permit for an employed person (TTOL). In some of the roles listed below you can only work for a restricted period of time. If the duration of your work exceeds the time limit set for that particular type of work, you need to apply for a residence permit for an employed person.

For further information on your right to work, select the link that applies to you:

Right to work as a family member of a diplomat

If the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued you with a residence permit and you have questions concerning your right to work that may be included in the permit, you should contact the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Finnish Immigration Service cannot answer questions concerning permits issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

If you wish to work in Finland, you can submit a residence permit application to the Finnish Immigration Service either on the basis of work or on the basis of family ties. A residence permit granted on the basis of family ties always includes an unrestricted right to work.

If the Finnish Immigration Service grants you a residence permit, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will withdraw the permit issued by the Ministry.

Right to work without a residence permit

The citizens of EU and EEA countries and their family members have the right to work in Finland without restrictions. However, they must register their right of residence or apply for a residence card for a family member.

In some cases, you may work in Finland without a residence permit issued to you by Finland if you have a residence permit or a visa granted to you by another Schengen country.

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