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This is what to do when you arrive in Finland from Ukraine

1. Arrival in Finland

When you arrive in Finland, you will meet authorities. They will help you.


Inform the authorities of your pet. You will get instructions on the pet’s quarantine, and your pet will be given medication that protects against communicable animal diseases.

2. Temporary protection

We recommend that you apply for temporary protection. You can apply for temporary protection by contacting the police or border authorities when you are in Finland.

The Finnish Immigration Service will later make a decision on your application.

3. Accommodation

After you have applied for temporary protection, you can stay at a reception centre or in private accommodation. Notify your reception centre of your new address.

For further instructions, see the page Accommodation

4. Services offered by reception centres

After you have applied for temporary protection, you will be given the contact details of your own reception centre. Your own reception centre will offer you services and advice even if you live in private accommodation.

5. Employment

You may work in Finland after you have applied for temporary protection.

When you submit the application, the police or the border authorities will give you a certificate of a pending application. Keep the copy of the certificate for yourself. With the certificate, you can prove employers that you have the right to work In Finland.

Read more on the page Employment.

6. School attendance and early childhood education

All children between the age of 6 and 17 in Finland have the right to go to comprehensive school. Your reception centre will help you to get a school place for your child. Going to school is free of charge.

If necessary, you can apply for a place in early childhood education for your children under 6 years of age from the municipality. However, the municipality does not necessarily offer your children a place in early childhood education. Your reception centre can help you with applying for a place in early childhood education.

7. Help and support

There are several volunteer organisations that offer Ukrainians for example clothes and donated goods. Ask your reception centre for more information.

Illustrated instructions in Ukrainian (pdf)