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Services available to those who apply for temporary protection

The page in Ukrainian: Ви можете отримати ці послуги, коли подали заяву про тимчасовий захист

When you apply for temporary protection or asylum, you can stay at a reception centre or in private accommodation. Regardless of which accommodation option you choose, you are entitled to the same services, including reception allowance and healthcare services. 

  • The only difference is that if you choose to stay in private accommodation, all expenses related to the accommodation must be covered by you or the provider of the accommodation. These expenses will not be reimbursed. If you stay at a reception centre, you do not need to pay any accommodation-related costs.

Always contact your reception centre first

Remember that in order to receive any services, you first need to contact a reception centre. The contact details of your reception centre will be given to you when you apply for temporary protection with the police or a border control authority. 


As an applicant for or beneficiary of temporary protection, you are entitled to the following services

Reception allowance
Social and healthcare services
Schooling and early childhood education
Work and study activities organised by reception centres
Work and studies
Employment support

Reception allowance

  • Reception allowance is meant to cover your essential basic needs. The sum is the same as for asylum seekers.
  • The amount of reception allowance you can receive depends on
    • the financial resources available to you
    • your income
    • whether you stay at a reception centre, live independently in private accommodation, or live in private accommodation with other people. 
  • Submit an application for reception allowance to the reception centre at which you are registered. Report all financial resources and income available to you on the application. Ask your reception centre for more information and help with filling in the application.
  • The reception allowance can be 
    • loaded onto your prepaid card
      • You can apply for a prepaid card at your reception centre. 
    • paid into your personal Finnish bank account
      • You must open the account yourself and cover any costs related to using banking services.
  • paid to you in cash
    • If you do not have a Finnish bank account and your reception centre cannot provide you with a prepaid card.
  • If there are delays in the processing of your application or the payment of your reception allowance, your reception centre will help you meet your basic needs in other ways, such as by providing food aid or supermarket vouchers. If necessary, you may also receive a voucher for the purchase of prescription medication.
  • If you are staying in private accommodation and need help with meeting your basic needs, contact your reception centre.

Social and healthcare services

Your reception centre can provide you with social and healthcare services.

After you have been granted a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection, you are entitled to the same healthcare services as those permanently resident in Finland.

Schooling, early childhood education and hobbies

In Finland, all children aged 6 to 17 have the right to schooling. Your reception centre can help you with enrolling your child in school. Schooling is free of charge.

If you have a child under six years of age, you can apply to the municipality for a place in early childhood education. The municipality is responsible for providing early childhood education for your child if you work or study full-time.

There are a number of organisations and other actors offering children recreational activities. To learn more, ask the staff of your reception centre. Information on children's hobbies is also often available at libraries and schools.

Work and study activities organised by reception centres

If you are staying at a reception centre and receiving reception allowance, you must participate in work and study activities organised by the reception centre. The work activities consist of tasks such as cleaning the reception centre, maintaining the yard, or helping with repairs. Study activities entail Finnish or Swedish language training.

You may also study or find employment outside the reception centre, in which case you do not necessarily need to take part in the centre’s work and study activities. If you choose to study outside the reception centre, you can apply for a supplementary reception allowance to help cover the cost of your studies. Supplementary reception allowance refers to additional financial support for a particular need, such as studies. 

Work and studies

You obtain the right to work and study as soon as you register your application for temporary protection with the police or a border control authority. If you do not have a bank account, your pay can also be loaded onto a prepaid card. In this case, ask your reception centre for instructions for your employer.

Employment support

If you want to work in Finland, your reception centre can direct you to an Employment and Economic Development Office, also known as a TE Office (

Read more on the page Employment.


In meetings with public authorities, you are entitled to interpretation into your mother tongue or another language you understand. However, there may be challenges related to the availability of interpreters in the case of less widely used languages.

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