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First residence permit cards for those receiving temporary protection to be delivered to DB Schenker collection points as of 3 May 2023

Publication date 3.5.2023 11.05
Press release

Starting on 3 May 2023, there will be changes to the delivery of first residence permit cards to those who have been granted temporary protection. If you receive a positive decision on your application on or after 3 May 2023, you will need to pick up your residence permit card from a DB Schenker Collection Point.

DB Schenker collection points can be found across Finland in K-Market supermarkets, R-kioski convenience stores, and other locations. The manufacturer of the residence permit cards sends your card to the DB Schenker collection point closest to your address within two weeks of the date on which we make a decision on your application for temporary protection.

We will continue to send the residence permit cards of unaccompanied children to the address provided by the child’s representative.

The purpose of these changes to the way the cards are delivered is to make sure that you can receive your card more quickly and that cards are not lost during delivery. 

When your residence permit card is ready, you will receive a notification from DB Schenker by email or text message

The notification states that you have received a shipment that is ready for collection. The email or text message notification will tell you which collection point you should visit to collect your card.

We will send each card separately. If you have also applied for temporary protection for your child, we will send the cards separately. 

Here’s what you should do when you receive the notification:

  1. Bring with you the email or text message notification you received from DB Schenker, and your customer number, which is also your PIN code. 
    • Your customer number is printed on your reception centre customer card ("Asiakasnumero/Kundnummer").
    • You do not need to show your customer card to DB Schenker staff. It is enough to tell them your customer number.
  2. Show a member of the DB Schenker collection point staff the arrival notification you received, and tell them your customer number. If the DB Schenker staff ask you for a PIN code, they mean your customer number.
  3. DB Schenker staff will then give you an envelope that contains your new residence permit card.

If you are collecting a card for another person, you do not need a power of attorney. Bring with you the arrival notification from DB Schenker and the customer number of the person whose card you are collecting.

We will send your card directly to the address you have provided to your own reception centre if 

  • you live on the Åland Islands,
  • you have a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons or
  • we do not have your email address or phone number.