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Appointments at the Mariehamn service point have been cancelled from 12 to 15 May 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak

29.4.2020 17.24
Press release

Appointments at the Mariehamn service point have been cancelled from 12 to 15 May. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience to our customers.

If your appointment was cancelled, we will contact you personally. We will provide more information about future appointments available at the Mariehamn service point as soon as possible.

Use the Enter Finland online service

If your permit will expire soon, you can submit your application on our online service, Enter Finland. 
You should normally visit a service point to identify yourself within three months from the date on which the application was submitted. However, owing to the coronavirus situation, the deadline of identification has been extended until further notice.
If you have submitted the application on the Enter Finland service, your primary course of action is to book a new time on our appointment booking system. At the same time, please inform us of the time of your appointment on Enter Finland. 

If you cannot use Enter Finland

Always use the Enter Finland service, if possible. If you cannot use the online service, you can submit a residence permit application by
  • sending a scanned copy of your paper application form by email to [email protected] Your application has been submitted once you receive a confirmation message.
  • sending a paper application by post to: Finnish Immigration Service, P.O.Box 10, 00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto. Your application is regarded as submitted once reception of the letter has been officially noted. 
It is faster to initiate your residence permit application by email than by post. Send your application by post preferably by registered letter. 
You can pay the application fee to the account of the Finnish Immigration Service, IBAN:  FI50 5000 0121 5029 82. Type your customer number and the name of the permit you are applying for in the message section of the bank transfer. Attach a receipt of your payment to the application. Please note that bank transfers are accepted only under these exceptional circumstances. If you use Enter Finland, pay for your application in the service.
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will make an appointment for you for identification when it becomes possible to do so. Please make sure that your application fee has been paid and your contact details are entered correctly in the application, especially your telephone number and email address.

Applying for citizenship of Finland?

If you are applying for citizenship, submit your application in the normal order on Enter Finland or leave a paper application at a service point. You cannot submit a citizenship application by post or email. 
If your case is not urgent, please consider waiting until the coronavirus epidemic has passed. We hope to leave enough times at the service points for customers whose residence permits are about to expire.

More information

  • The coronavirus situation is affecting the operations of the Finnish Immigration Service. Monitor the situation by following the up-to-date information on