On 22–23 February, we are not giving out waiting numbers at our Helsinki service point

21.2.2021 18.44

You cannot visit the Helsinki service point of the Finnish Immigration Service on Käenkuja with a waiting number from 22 to 23 February 2021. If you have booked an appointment, you can handle your matter as usual. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause our customers.

Employees at our service point have been quarantined due to the coronavirus. This is temporarily affecting the operations or the service point. At the other service points, you can handle your matters as usual.

We recommend that you follow our customer bulletins. We will immediately inform of any eventual changes to our customer service on our website.

In our customer service, we carefully follow the instructions of the health authorities. At our service points, we recommend everyone to wear a mask and keep a safe distance. There are acrylic screens between the customers and our officials for protection from droplet transmission.

The health authorities have identified the persons who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. An infectious disease doctor will contact you directly if you have been exposed to the coronavirus while visiting the service point between 15 and 16 February.

You can handle your matters with an appointment

If you have booked an appointment at a service point, you can handle your matter as usual. Please do not come to our service point if you have any flu symptoms at all. Remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot attend. 

Book a new appointment when you are completely recovered. You can choose any of our service points for your appointment. Our appointment system is open as usual. In this way, we can protect our customers and employees from potential infections.

Many matters can easily be dealt with online

Most applications can be submitted using the online service Enter Finland. You can also follow the status of your application in the service.

Your application becomes pending immediately when you submit it in Enter Finland. 

If you wish to send us additional information, you can do this in Enter Finland, by email or by post.

Is your permit about to expire?

If your permit is about to expire in February and this is the reason why you are coming to visit our Helsinki service point with a waiting number, you can submit your application

  • in our online service at the address enterfinland.fi 
  • by sending email to the address hakemukset(a)migri.fi. We will reply to you with more detailed instructions on what you should do.

Follow our updates at migri.fi/coronavirus. On this page, you will find updates about the effects of the coronavirus on our services as well as answers to frequently asked questions. 

For health advice and latest updates about the coronavirus in Finland, visit the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Are you applying for an extended permit? Some applicants do not need to visit a service point

If you are applying for an extended permit and have used strong electronic identification online, you do not always need to visit a service point.

You can use strong electronic identification in Enter Finland by logging in with your online banking credentials, citizen certificate or mobile certificate.  The online service will tell you whether you have to visit a service point or whether the electronic identification is enough. For more information, see the page migri.fi/identification

Updated 23.2.2021: Information about customers who may have been exposed to the coronavirus has been updated.