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Some extended permit applicants no longer need to prove their identity at a service point

15.10.2018 11.47
Press release

If you have applied for an extended permit through the Enter Finland service, you do not necessarily have to prove your identity and give your fingerprints at a service point.

We are in the process of testing electronic identity verification, as we want make handling matters online easier.

When you have submitted your application using Enter Finland, the service will inform you of whether you need to visit a service point. You will be able to see a notification immediately after you have sent your application. Please read it through carefully and follow the instructions.

The change does not yet apply to all individuals seeking an extended permit

Applicants aged at least 18 who have paid for their application online, and proved their identity by means of strong authentication using Enter Finland, will be chosen for the trial randomly through an automated system. The application must include all required information and attachments, as well as an electronic passport photograph retrieval code.

Strong electronic identification means that you verify your identity using Finnish online banking credentials, a citizen certificate or a mobile certificate. If you would like the opportunity to participate in the trial but have not verified your identity using secure authentication, you may change your Enter Finland account to a securely identified account by going to " My Account" in the main menu. On the page that opens, select the last option "Change your identification method to strong authentication.". If you do not have an Enter Finland account yet, choose "Login" on the home page and select the option on the left or at the top of the page.

You will be informed of any need for an appointment after your application has been submitted. If you do not need to visit a service point but have already booked an appointment, remember to cancel it. In any case, the Finnish Immigration Service may request that you visit a service point afterwards.

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