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Employer: Will your company have seasonal workers? You can speed up the decision-making in Enter Finland

12.5.2020 14.17
Press release

In the Enter Finland online service for employers, you can now speed up the processing of the employee’s seasonal work certificate or residence permit application. When you supplement the employee’s application in the online service, the processing time of the application is shortened and the employee will receive the decision faster.

In Enter Finland for employers, you can:

  • complete your part of the employee’s application
  • pay for your employee’s application
  • check the further clarifications requested from you and answer them
  • submit attachments
  • follow the progress of the application
  • be notified about the decision in certain cases

Enter Finland for employers is now available for seasonal work certificates, residence permits for seasonal work and other residence permits for employees.

How to use the service:

  1. You need a business ID to use the service.
  2. The employee must first give you permission to use the service. The employee can consent to this in the electronic application. The employee also states the business ID of your company in the application; it is used to link you to the employee’s application later.
  3. Go to the website Enter Finland for employers and select ‘Create employer account’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. You can use our online banking credentials to identify yourself in the service. The service guides you to confirm that you have the right to represent your company in the service.

After you have registered for the service and your account has been linked to the employee’s application, you can pay for the employee’s application. 

More information about Enter Finland

With these instructions, you can start using Enter Finland easily. 

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