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Instructions on arriving in Finland from Ukraine

The page in Ukrainian: Що я повинен робити прибувши з України до Фінляндії

If you are fleeing the Russian attack on Ukraine, you can stay in Finland visa-free or apply for temporary protection or asylum. 

  • If you hold a biometric Ukrainian passport, you can stay in Finland for a period of three months visa-free. For more information on the relevant documents and visas, see the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.
  • You can apply for temporary protection by visiting the police or a border control authority in person. Applying is free of charge. We recommend that you submit an application for temporary protection. Applications for temporary protection are processed at a considerably faster rate than asylum applications. For application instructions, see Temporary protection.
    • You can also apply for asylum by visiting the police or a border control authority in person. If you are granted temporary protection, the processing of your asylum application is suspended for as long as the residence permit you have been issued on the basis of temporary protection is valid. Read more about applying for asylum and the processing of asylum applications.
    • You have the choice of applying for temporary protection, asylum, or both. The differences between temporary protection and asylum will be explained to you, so that you can make an informed decision. 
    • Applications for temporary protection or asylum cannot be submitted at Finnish Immigration Service service points or reception centres. 
  • If other grounds exist for applying for a residence permit in your case, such as family ties to Finland or employment, you can also apply for a residence permit on these grounds. There is a fee for submitting a residence permit application. More information on applications and requirements.

Where can I find accommodation in Finland?

If you are applying for temporary protection or asylum, accommodation can be provided for you at a reception centre. Accommodation at the reception centre will be organised so that you can be together with your family members. Unaccompanied minors are provided accommodation at a reception centre reserved for minors. There are a number of reception centres of different sizes across Finland. You will be directed to a reception centre with available beds. For more information, see Living in a reception centre.

You may also organise accommodation yourself. You can stay in private accommodation (with a relative or friend, for example) and still be registered at a reception centre. For more information, see Living in private accommodation

Which services are available to me?

Reception centres can provide you with a range of reception services, such as healthcare and social services as well as reception allowance. Reception allowance is available to those without their own income or financial resources.

If you are not applying for temporary protection or asylum, you must organise accommodation in Finland yourself.

The Finnish Immigration Service is only responsible for coordinating the provision of accommodation to those applying for temporary protection or asylum. 

Can I work in Finland?

You will have the right to work and study as soon as you register your application for temporary protection with the police or a border control authority. 

  • During registration, the police or border control authority will provide you with a printed certificate proving your right to work. Your right to work is unrestricted, meaning that you can find employment in any field. Keep the copy of the certificate you receive for yourself.
  • If you have already applied for temporary protection but have not received a certificate from the police or border control authority, we can send you the certificate by email. Send your request for the certificate to If you don't yet have employment and have no need for a certificate, you can simply wait for the decision on your application.
  • Temporary protection

If you are an asylum seeker, you are allowed to find paid employment once three or six months have passed since you applied for asylum in Finland.

If you are staying in Finland visa-free, you can work subject to certain conditions.

If you have a job in Finland, you can also apply for a residence permit on the grounds of employment. You can submit your residence permit application online using the Enter Finland platform or at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. More information on applications and requirements is available on the Finnish Immigration Service website.

We are currently not making negative decisions on applications by Ukrainians that would entail removal from the country

Positive decisions on applications for international protection and residence permits continue to be issued as normal to applicants meeting the relevant conditions.

Remember your rights

If, in return for accommodation or other assistance, you are being pressured into 

  • working in poor conditions
  • selling sex
  • begging or committing crimes against your will,

you may be a victim of human trafficking. 

The Assistance System for Victims of Human Trafficking is a public authority that can help you, including if you yourself have been forced to commit crimes or are in Finland without the legal right to reside here. The help you can get includes safe accommodation, protection, healthcare services, guidance, and help with legal residence. 

More information is available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. In urgent emergencies, always call the emergency number 112. 

People fleeing Ukraine: Did someone offer you a job, accommodation or transport? Always make sure that the offer is real 

Up-to-date information on the Finnish Immigration Service website

For up-to-date information on the impact of the situation in Ukraine, see the Finnish Immigration Service website at

We have also put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the situation in Ukraine on our website.

The FAQ is updated as the situation develops.