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Åland’s first reception centre starts its operations

Publication date 9.6.2022 9.52

A reception centre has been established on the Åland Islands. This is the first time that reception operations are arranged on the Åland Islands.

The Åland reception centre started it operations on 6 June 2022. The reception centre was established because there are approximately 250 people on the Åland Islands who have fled from Ukraine due to the Russian attack. The need for accommodation and reception services for people fleeing from Ukraine has increased in Finland. 

“During the spring, we have established 49 new reception centres and offices all across Finland and now, historically, for the first time also on the Åland Islands,” says Director of Reception Unit Pekka Nuutinen.

Most Ukrainians live in private accommodation with relatives or volunteers, and have arranged their accommodation themselves. Even those asylum seekers or people applying for temporary protection who live in private accommodation are provided with reception services, such as social and health services and reception allowance, by a reception centre. 

The Åland reception centre is a secondary branch of the Turku reception centre and maintained by the Finnish Red Cross.

“Cooperation with the Government of Åland and with the Finnish Red Cross has been very good and well-functioning. We also want to thank all volunteers who have accommodated Ukrainians on the Åland Islands up till now,” says Head of Section Rafael Bärlund from the Finnish Immigration Service. Bärlund works as a liaison person between the Finnish Immigration Service and the Government of Åland.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for directing, planning and supervising the operations of the reception system. The Finnish Immigration Service reception centres are located in Helsinki, Lappeenranta (Joutseno) and Oulu. The other reception centres are maintained by organisations, Finnish municipalities and companies. At the moment, there are altogether 69 reception centres, their secondary branches and service points for people in private accommodation, and 8 reception units for minors.  Prior to the Russian attack on Ukraine, there were 20 reception centres and 7 units for minors in Finland.

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