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Incomes Register makes it easier to prove your income as of 19 January 2023

Publication date 19.1.2023 11.00
Press release

The Finnish Immigration Service has started to use the Incomes Register on 19 January 2023. You or your employers do not need to attach documents about wages, salaries, benefits or pensions paid to you in Finland to your application.

We receive information on the following from the Incomes Register: 

  • wages and salaries paid to you since 1 January 2019 
  • benefits and pensions paid to you since 1 January 2021. 

We will receive information on your earnings from the Incomes Register if you are applying for

We can use the Incomes Register also if you are applying for

  • EU registration if you have a Finnish personal identity code
  • residence permit for a family member if the sponsor is already living in Finland. We will receive information on the earnings of your family member who lives in Finland from the Incomes Register.

How do I know if information on my earnings is available in the Incomes Register?

You can check which details your employer or benefit payer has reported to the Incomes Register. Log in to the Incomes Register online service with your online banking credentials or mobile certificate at

Employers have a legal obligation to report information on wages and salaries to the Incomes Register. If your details are incorrect or incomplete, ask your employer to make the necessary corrections to the Incomes Register. The Finnish Immigration Service or the Incomes Register authority cannot make corrections to the information contained in the register.

If your employer has not reported your details to the Incomes Register, we will request that you supplement your application with information on your earnings. If we do not contact you, this means that we have received information on your earnings from the Incomes Register.

What is the Incomes Register?

The Incomes Register is an electronic database containing information about paid wages, salaries, pensions and benefits, reported by Finnish employers and other payers. Other payers include, for example, pension institutions, insurance companies, the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela) and municipalities.

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