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Letter deliveries delayed due to strike

Publication date 22.2.2023 10.13
Press release

The Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced a strike which will take place from 15 to 21 February 2023. The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU will support the strike from 16 February onwards. The strike will cause delays in postal delivery in Finland.

Letters mailed by the Finnish Immigration Service are likely to arrive later than usual. The delivery of letters sent to the Finnish Immigration Service may also be slow. You may notice that residence permit cards and notifications of decisions arrive slower than usual.

The Finnish Immigration Service’s Registry may develop a backlog due to the strike. That is why there may be delays in the processing of letters after the strike as well.

Missing a deadline due to the postal strike will not influence the processing of your case

If you send mail to the Finnish Immigration Service and the delivery of your supplementary documents is delayed due to the postal strike, it will not influence the processing of your case.

For example, if some supplementary documents requested by a certain date arrive late due to the postal strike, they will still be taken into consideration in the processing of your case.

You do not need to contact the Finnish Immigration Service about the issue. 

No changes in the delivery of residence permit cards to embassies and consulates

Residence permit cards will be delivered to embassies and consulates abroad without delays or problems as the Finnish postal service company Posti is not in charge of delivering the cards.

If you lodged an application online, deliver your supplementary documents in Enter Finland

If you have applied for a residence permit or citizenship in the Enter Finland online service, you can deliver documents to the Finnish Immigration Service directly in Enter Finland. You will also receive a notification of the decision directly in Enter Finland.

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