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Testing of queue number system to start at Helsinki service point on 12 September 2023

Publication date 11.9.2023 13.30
Press release

We will test a new way of using queue numbers at the Malmi service point in Helsinki from 11 September to 27 October 2023. During this period, you can take a queue number from the machine in the service point waiting area if you have not booked an appointment in advance. Until now, queue numbers have been handed out by customer service advisers.

We recommend that you book an appointment at the service point in advance in our appointment system ( Otherwise, you may have to wait several hours for your turn.

Queue numbers are only for urgent applications

You can take a queue number and get service without an appointment if your application is urgent. By urgent we mean that your residence permit, residence permit card, or travel document issued in Finland has already expired or will expire within the next 3 months.

Applications for citizenship or the registration of the right of residence of EU citizens are not urgent matters. If you are an EU citizen, you can book an appointment for registration at the International House Helsinki.

You can ask us about the progress of your application by email or by phone. A request for expedited processing can only be made by email. Visiting a service point in person will not speed up the processing of your application. To find out more, see the page Expedited processing.

How to use the queue number service

  1. If you are applying for a residence permit, please fill in the application in advance in the online service Enter Finland or use a paper application form. You can also fill in an application in advance in Enter Finland if you are applying for a new residence permit card. 
  2. Take your passport and the necessary attachments with you to the service point. If you filled in a paper application form, bring that as well. Remember that you always need to submit a photo with a residence permit or passport application.
  3. The queue number machine is located in the service point waiting area. Take a queue number from the machine.
  4. Please wait for your turn. Your number will appear on a screen in the waiting area when it is your turn. The screen also displays the number of the room where you should go.

Queue numbers are in use during the service point’s opening hours. If customer service is particularly busy, we will stop handing out queue numbers to be able to serve all the customers who already have a queue number.

We provide normal service to customers who have booked an appointment

If you have booked an appointment in advance in our appointment system, you do not need a queue number. We will call your name when it is your turn.

You may not need to visit a service point if you are applying online for an extended permit or a new residence permit card 

A visit to a service point is not always required if you are applying for an extended permit, a new residence permit card or a new residence card as an EU citizen’s family member in the online service Enter Finland and use strong identification (online banking credentials, citizen certificate or mobile certificate) to log in. After you have submitted your application, Enter Finland will tell you whether you need to visit a service point. To find out more, see the page Identification.

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